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So nice to meet you!
I am Anni Kallioniemi.

After years of experience in classical music as a cellist on stages all around Europe, as well as working as a social media manager, I decided to start a Business that will successfully combine my wide array of skills. Based in Budapest, I am thrilled to have clients all over the world and thoroughly enjoy helping them grow their audiences.

I have grown various Instagram accounts consistently over the past 9 years.

I have curated high quality content across social media channels ensuring a cohesive online presence and increasing website traffic as well as ticket and merchandise sales.


I have tracked, analysed and reported weekly analytics.

I have pitched, developed and produced original content resulting in high engagement results as well as page growth and brand awareness.


Moreover I am very confident writing copy for social media posts with perfect grammar and punctuation.


I feel imbued with confidence after collaborating with artists, as well as working with marketing teams to achieve the best possible results in classical music online marketing.

If you would like to work with me, send a message to

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